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Keurig Cup Sizes Chart

Within this article, we will learn about Keurig Cup Sizes along with a few facts about how it affects the taste of your beloved coffee. We will also go through a Keurig cup size chart for popular models to help you choose the right one for yourself.

Did you know what made us shift from our traditional television shows to Netflix and other OTT platforms? Well, that’s freedom! Freedom to watch whatever, whenever, and wherever we want rather than tv shows with fixed broadcasting time and those not-so-good tv ads. In this ever-evolving market, consumers don’t want to be bound; rather, they want to be in charge of what they want. 

The aforementioned fact relates to the evolvement of coffee machines, too – once upon a time, we had the option to brew only one cup size with the Keurig, i.e., 8 ounces. Now 8oz of coffee could be more than what you want, but, on the other hand, if you are someone whose dopamine is released only after brewing the largest mug, the same cup of 8oz coffee could be miniature to you. 

So, let’s say a big thanks to coffee machine brands for giving us the power to brew the exact cup size we want and especially to Keurig, as they offer an array of cup sizes to choose from. However, cup sizes offered with various Keurig coffee makers can be a little confusing to choose from.

To help you get sorted, we have come up with this article to introduce you to various cup sizes one can make from different Keurig models. Additionally, we will also answer some common questions which might tickle you when we talk about size selection. Let’s step forward! 

Size Does Matter – Let’s Prove It

Do you eat the same quantity of breakfast, lunch, or dinner every day? Even if you love pizza, can you consume the same number of slices with changing pizza sizes from small to large? Obviously no! It all depends on your mood, hunger, and craving for the particular food you’ll have. So, it’s comprehensible that having options is somehow mandatory. 

Similarly, when we talk about brew sizes, it differs on the occasion you are going to have coffee. Let’s suppose you love to gulp an entire mug when you wake up, but during work or any other occasion, a few sips are enough to add that little extra pep to your step. 

On the other hand, if you have only one size option, chances are you will end up wasting some of your beloved coffee or not being not able to quench your cravings full. Would you like that to happen? Of course not! Therefore, having options is indeed pivotal, and thus, size does matter. Hence, proved!

The Relation Between Cup Sizes and Taste

Cup sizes aren’t just limited to the amount of coffee you brew at once, but it affects the taste of your cuppa joe too. Cup sizes are measured in ounces, and it’s equivalent to the amount of water dispensed from the reservoir. For example, more water & a fuller cup = weaker coffee; less water & lesser cup size = stronger coffee. However, some Keurig models come with a ‘strong’ button feature that extracts the coffee for longer, thus delivering robust flavor. 

A Glance at Keurig Cup Sizes

As we all know, the Keurig coffee makers are single-serve which means that they are capable of brewing single-cup batches at a time. However, the size of those single servings can vary depending on the option you choose in terms of ounces. Some Keurig machines have three-size options, while others can have as many as five. Here’s a list of the five different cup sizes available with the Keurig-

  • 4 ounce
  • 6 ounce
  • 8 ounce
  • 10 ounce
  • 12 ounce

Now depending on the model you choose, you will get different cup sizes. To make it easily comprehendible for you, here’s a chart of different Keurig models with different capacities. Check it out!

Keurig Cup Size Chart in Popular Models by Brand

Model nameWater Reservoir4 ounce6 ounce8 ounce10 ounce12 ounce
Keurig K-Mini *12 oz
Keurig K-Mini Plus *12 oz
Keurig K-Elite75 oz
Keurig K-Slim46 oz
Keurig K-Select52 oz
Keurig K-Express42 oz
Keurig K-Express Essentials36 oz
Keurig K-Classic48 oz
Keurig K-Supreme66 oz
Keurig K-Supreme Plus78 oz
Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart78 oz
Keurig K-Duo *60 oz
Keurig K-Duo Plus *60 oz
Keurig K-Cafe *60 oz

Please note – 

* The Keurig K-Mini and K-Mini Plus will brew the exact amount of coffee as the amount of water you fill in the reservoir. The minimum amount is 6 oz, while the maximum is 12 oz. So, for example, you need 6 oz coffee, fill 6oz water in the reservoir, and you are good to go.

*The Keurig K-Duo and K-Duo Plus are also capable of brewing 6-12 cups of drip coffee. The Keurig K-Cafe can even brew 2 oz of strong avant-garde coffee for cappuccino and latte.

Keurig Cup Sizes Buttons

Depending on the model, the buttons also differ. The smaller and compact versions like Keurig K-mini don’t have any cup size button at all, rather, it brews whatever amount of water between 6oz and 12oz is put into the reservoir.

Keurig K-Supreme Cup Sizes

On the other hand, K-Supreme Plus has all 5 cup-size buttons clearly marked from 4 oz to 12 oz. Few other models have icons in place of cup sizes and they are mostly small, large, and extra-large cups.

How Many Ounces Per K-Cup – An Ideal Recommendation

Now, depending on the brand you choose, the amount of coffee in K-Pods varies, and it’s mostly in between the range of 10-13 oz of coffee. Now, you must be thinking of how many ounces of coffee you should brew with a single K-Cup. Well, ideally, you can start will 8 ounces which is a decent quantity. However, if you feel that it doesn’t compel you in terms of robustness, give 6 ounces a try. Similarly, if 8 ounces becomes very strong for you, increase the amount to 10 ounces. 

As per SCAA, mostly the coffee pods produce 6-8 ounces of coffee if you follow the 1:18 coffee to water ratio. In case you want to have 12 ounces of coffee for your travel mug or guests at home, consider using two K-cups unless you want a thinner and weaker coffee. 

The reason is pretty simple – the taste won’t be the same for 6 oz, and 12 oz coffee using a single K-cup as the amount of coffee grounds will turn less against that higher quantity. In a one-liner, it’s a game of preference, and you will soon master the ratio which delights you after 2-3 brew cycles.

How Much Coffee is in a K-Cup

Though there are many variants of the K-cup, on average, each k-cup consists of 9-12 grams of coffee grounds or 2 tablespoons. The disposable packaging is about 1 gram in total including the pod and lid.

Wrapping up

From cappuccino, and latte to iced coffee and mochas, the cup size varies for all. Be it your mood to enjoy extra bold or mild, when you have the liberty to brew anything; it’s for sure that brewing will not just be a day-to-day task but will become a passion of yours. Keurig as a brand has worked pretty well in understanding its consumer’s needs and has brought models on the table to fit preferences from any horizon. 

Hope we have succeeded in helping you out with the vitality of cup sizes and their roles in the strength and flavor of cups. Therefore, choose the one best suited for you and enjoy the freedom to brew exactly what you want with your Keurig coffee maker. Life isn’t perfect, but your coffee can be!

What are the 5 Keurig cup sizes?

The 5 Keurig cup sizes are 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, and 12 oz. Though not every model of Keurig comes with all cup sizes. Some Keurigs come in 3 cup sizes namely 6 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz.

Which Keurig makes 16 oz coffee?

Unfortunately, Keurig has discontinued the K-mug and K-carafe pods which let us brew large-sized cups from 14 oz to 30 oz.

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