What Is A Macchiato – Definition & Recipe

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What is a Macchiato

Within this article, we are going to learn exactly as ‘what is a macchiato’ along with a step-by-step recipe to easily make macchiato at home.

When it comes to defining macchiato, you can say that it’s a lighter version of a latte, perfect for those who want a jolt of caffeine without all those extra calories. While most coffee aficionados hold the misconception that to enjoy the delectability of a cup of macchiato, they will have to visit a top-notch coffee shop; the truth is you can enjoy amazing macchiato experiences at home whenever you want.

All you need to do is know the right technique for making a perfect cuppa macchiato. In today’s post, I will make you learn how to make fantastic macchiatos at home. Check it out thoroughly, and get ready to flaunt your barista-like macchiato skills! 

What is a Macchiato?

Put simply, when a shot of espresso is topped with frothed milk, it refers to a macchiato. The word macchiato has been derived from Italy, which means “stained”. According to a few sources, macchiato was invented to fulfill the need for a soothing afternoon drink. 

You can say that macchiato is a forward espresso version of cafe latte. While a latte is made up of espresso topped with steamed milk, the macchiato is prepared by adding milk to espresso and topping it with foamed milk. Macchiatos can be customized with flavors like hazelnut, caramel, and more, and they can be further topped or dressed with chocolate syrup or chocolate shavings.

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How to Make Macchiato at Home?

Well, yes, you have reached the most awaited section of this post that presents you with the recipe for superfine quality macchiatos. Let’s delve deeper! 

What do you need to make a macchiato?

The ingredients to prepare a macchiato include the following – 

  • Two espresso shots (2 ounces)
  • Whole milk foam (1 ounce or ¼ cup)
  • Latte cup
  • Sugar syrup, chocolate syrup, or chocolate shavings (optional)

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Serving: 1 

Calories: 26/4 ounce

Total Fat: 0.5 grams/4 ounce

Step-by-Step Macchiato Recipe

  1. Gather the ingredients – Before getting your hands dirty with the preparation, ensure that you have got all the ingredients and supplies handy. Besides, keep in mind that you should always use freshly-ground coffee beans for macchiatos, as it will allow you to extract the best flavors and nuances.
  2. Preparing the espresso – When you are done gathering the ingredients, it’s time to extract two shots of espresso. Pour the pulled espresso into the latte cup and keep it aside.
  3. Steam the milk – To steam milk, you will have to heat it first. When the milk reaches the temperature of 150-degree Fahrenheit, you can start frothing it. For frothing, you can use the built-in wand of your espresso machine or use a whisk, manual milk frother, or French press. It’s worth keeping in mind that for a macchiato, you will essentially need loads of dry foam. Thus, keep on frothing until the milk doubles its size and produces small, even bubbles. Once done, remove the top of the foam gently with a spoon.
  4. Blending – Once you are done with the steaming, slowly pour the milk on the top of the espresso, which you have stored in the latte cup. The layer of milk will create an intense velvety feel when it blends with the espresso.
  5. Dress it up – Now you are done with the basics, and it’s time to give your cuppa macchiato a cafe-like look. Gently place the foam on the cup (I’m talking about the bubbles that you have kept aside). The best part with macchiato is that you can play with its flavor. So, top your cups with caramel, chocolate syrup, or chocolate shavings – whichever you like the most. You can even use whipped strawberry or vanilla cream. Your barista-like cuppa macchiato is now ready to serve.

Here is a visual presentation –

Macchiato Recipe

Download this graphic about Macchiato Recipe in high resolution!

Be Careful while Choosing Milk for your Macchiato

Now when you know the secret of brewing delectable macchiatos at home, here’s an additional tip that can help you make your macchiato experience even better. Milk significantly contributes to the deliciousness of macchiato. So, you need to be careful while picking up the milk which you will use to make macchiato.

You should always use whole milk while brewing macchiato because it has the highest milk fat, making it ideal for frothing. Besides, you need to ensure that the milk is as fresh as possible. Remember, milk that is getting closer to its expiration date won’t make good foams.

**Dear vegan readers, don’t be disheartened! You may not consume milk, but you can cherish the delectability of freshly brewed macchiatos. Yes, you got me right! Making vegan macchiatos is possible. You can replace dairy milk with oat milk and follow the given recipe. Oat milk is the best milk for vegan macchiatos as it froths up the best and comes with fantastic flavor profiles.

If it’s Macchiato, Be Serious with Espresso

After cultivating your knowledge base about macchiato and its recipe, now you must have got a point very clear – macchiato is an espresso-forward drink. Due to this reason, while pulling the shots of espresso, you need to be a bit serious as good espressos help you make good macchiatos. 

You need to keep in mind that simply strong coffee won’t be enough for extracting the best-flavored espressos. To get that intensely dark and bitter flavor, you should grind dark roast coffee beans. This will allow you to extract premium quality and nuanced espressos. 

Wrapping up

That’s all about macchiato! Hope the shared recipe and the set of information look helpful. Don’t forget to follow this unique recipe of macchiato when you try brewing this outstanding beverage at home next time. 

Remember this straightforward formula – avant-garde espresso + foamed milk (essentially fresh) + the topping of your choice = a cup of world-class macchiato. Keep brewing!

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